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  It´ easy to look up a word.
But how do you look up an idea?
  T-shirt Sapien (potisk tricek)  


× Production of www. pages, internet shops, commercial systems
Our specialization is development of unique web systems in compliance with data given by the customer. We are able to fulfill even the most demanding requirements concerning the applications progress in the internet sphere, as well as to design an adequate and financially reasonable starting lay out in order to have a ground for further development, created in advance.

That’s why we don’t offer our clients any solution already complete and fixed, like most of contemporary companies (i.e. diverse web systems etc....). The power of our projects lies in their singularity, both from the programming and graphic point. The top focusing of the project, good set / designed and functional web background, accurate programmer work suitable linked to the graphics are the foundation for a successful – frequently visited web. By keeping this strategy we are able to meet requests of all customer types and therefore we also have a great number of contented and faithful customers. Our applications are designed so that they come up to present-day requests – a top graphics, permeability for search programs and appropriate program equipment.

The goal of our studio is a steadfast and intensive cooperation with a customer who gets a stark response to our work by virtue of a well situated web/marketing.

T-shirt Sapien (potisk tricek)

× Marketing conceptions in the internet sphere
In the present days we concentrate also on marketing plan projects in the internet sphere. For further assistance we are able to ensure printed media, video and multimedia. Our partners can rely on us in searching customers with the internet and prior to their journey to the fair.

Solution for ware importers:
The separate chapter of our activities is the cooperation with importers of products for the Czech market, particularly internet market. We have established close cooperation with subjects engaged in import of ware to the Czech Republic and our task is its proper introduction to the home internet market. We are able to build up brand products and ensure both customers directly from the internet and wholesale customers from internet shops.

Sale support of products of home companies in the Czech Republic, support of ware exporting:
For some of our partners we organize complete long-run marketing solutions, which head towards support and development of their brands/products/services on the Czech and international internet market. Due to the fact that the internet doesn’t know any boundaries and that a well built web page can be successful in worldwide search programs even in comparison with West competition, our customers are able to speak to clients from all the world and therefore to sell their products on markets which are interesting from business point of view.

T-shirt Sapien (potisk tricek)

× Programming of internet applications with use of databases
( internet shops, gates, registers, galleries and markets and dynamic generated applications. The pages can be adjusted without knowing how they were made, directly from the background www. browser through administrative system. There is a – PHP note on those web pages in the refs.)

× CD presentation with its own interface, which behaves like a stand-alone application. This can contain video, photos, animations, large amounts of texts etc.

× Photography – Picture making particularly on digital photo technology. Correction / retouching / preliminary print preparation, internet.

× Video presentation – Recording of rough material with digital camera, record cut, sound system, adding of subtitles and effects, export onto CD, VHS, DVD, internet.

× Printing – commercial advertising materials, catalogues.
Print – on T-shirts, pens, lighters, CDs etc.

  T-shirt Sapien (potisk tricek)